With our client-centric approach, we are

an extension of your media marketing team

We are a Boutique Media Planning solutions company backed up by credible up-to-date research, nurturing brands through kick-ass customer care.

It is the mission of SDM Communications to unite brands and their consumers through meaningful connections and to drive our clients to success.

Our organization is not stopping at just rendering a service, but creating a long-term relationship with our clients so the delivery of their message is a seamless and thought-provoking experience that engenders action.

Our unique services will be offered to startup companies and existing ones that appreciate the important of a one-on-one service, especially in an industry where everything is mass marketed.

Our Goal is to grow local businesses to international standards. Nurturing the brands from start and following though its success story.

Our core is to provide comprehensive media consultations and executing all round media campaigns for our clients.




As more clients demand better researched data, more value on budgets allocated and accurate metrics in presenting media results and as the demand for a ‘tailored-to-fit each brand’ media solution rises, SDM looks to stand in this gap.